Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Thought I'd continue to show you around a little - and thought it might be fun to see the progress because yes, there actually is some progress at last! I painted the bright pink wall and I must say it has really brightened things up.
This is our hall where I recklessly ripped up the carpet one day. (It was a violently patterned one and we hated it - even the boys said they hated it and they don't normally notice much in the way of furnishings!)
For a time I thought I would sand and paint the stairs - I kept a lot of magazine clippings with white painted stairs, but then we have been living with the bare stairs for about 6 weeks and they are not very comfortable. They are Victorian and have had much use, so there are little bits missing, and splinters galore! So now all 6 of us can't wait for some carpet and a little comfort, and quiet.
We have a lovely arched window:
this has been an awful cream for so long - it's about twenty feet high and a bit daunting so at long last some painter men have been in and done some painting! I am so excited. They haven't finished yet, and when they have I will show you the photos. They have undercoated, (a foreign word to me as I am of the change the colour, open the tin, splash it on - there you are! school of diy!) But even though it's only undercoated, it already looks miles better.
This is still the 'before' picture and you can see all the colours it has been. The woodwork has at various times been bright red and racing green. It is now going to be beautiful clean shiny white. Can't wait for it to be finished. Very exciting to actually have some progress.

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