Sunday, 14 March 2010

In which I haven't been ...

quite the blogger (eughh! horrid word) I aimed to be.
In my defense, I have not been completely well - I've had an awful head cold which has plagued me since before Christmas. I won't go into detail as I can't abide details of the sick....but in short my head feels as if it has been filled with glue and I can't hear out of one ear.
It is amazing how disconnected one feels with the world when you can't hear as normal.
Anyway, this is supposed to be a post 'back to normal' even though I am not. So, this is what I have been doing while I've been away from blogland:-
I've made a couple of new Cafetiere Coffee cosies, one of which has been sold, but the other will be here in my V for Violet etsy shop. I do love this fabric. I am always amazed when I haven't made something for a while, that I can remember how. And it is also annoying when I get the order of things slightly wrong - but luckily this didn't happen here and the cafetiere found itself cosily wrapped.I then had an exciting delivery of the hugest, most giant polka dot buttons, probably in the world, certainly as far as I have ever seen. I have them in candy pink, violet and teal and they are gorgeous in all 3 colours. If you would like a bit of giant spottiness, you can find them here

Then, most excitingly, some of my rainbowlike Feltgirl photos have been made into postcards and I have put them into little packs of 3 cards with envelopes so that they may be bought by the lovely people who requested them.
They are SO colourful, and brighten my day just looking at them that I warn you, you may not want to part with them and actually send them to anyone. In which case, you will have 3 white envelopes to use as you wish and 3 postcards of such colour that you will smile each time you look on them.

Here is Pack A:Pack Band finally Pack C.They can now be found here.
So now, having caught up just a little bit, I will return to the lovely Mother's Day that I am having, being thoroughly spoiled and send you the hope that you are too. xxx


  1. Are the cards MOO? I had some done with them and was very pleased - yours are beautiful! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Those cards are just too gorgeous....which to choose?
    p.s Pants to feeling poorly!!!

  3. Those cards look great, all so bright & cheery! Hope you feel much better soon...

  4. Your postcards are fantastic!! hope the glue goes soon!! :)xxx

  5. I LOVE buttons and these cards are gorgeous.

    I also love the coffee cover.