Tuesday, 16 March 2010

There is something......

a little bit vintage happening in our house.......
there are linens.......and crocheted thingamabobbies.......and quite a lot of lace.........there has been lots of washing and drying......... there has even been some quite exciting dyeing!..All this has been done, or nearly done, and then there will be some ironing......and tomorrow there will be some cutting and some sewing......for this is all part of the BIG PLAN. I am now flagging though as the horrid 'bug' is leaving me with little energy, and I need an early night.
There is something fabulous hopefully arriving tomorrow too. But more of that anon. (whatever anon actually means). Night night.xxxxx


  1. you naught naughty tease ;) hope you get your energy back so we can see the.. oh goodness, I almost wrote something that would have sounded highly inappropriate, so hurry back with your finished product before I get saucy!

  2. Can't wait to see your BIG PLAN! I bet it's fantastic! even with a bug your still busy creating!!:)x

  3. These are geogeous old lace and doileys. Looking forward to see what they become.