Thursday, 18 March 2010

A little reveal.....

this is the first of my new line of bags (oooh! how grand that sounds!! hehe!!)
I have used nothing but vintage, pre-loved fabrics ( which I might add, have all been sweetly washed and ironed).
I have a large collection (shhh! don't tell S.) of vintage fabrics and doilies and lace! So if you ask me it is High Time I used them properly.
So here they are, well some of them, shining proudly in the first of my new Spring High Time collection!!!!

Meet Marguerite-

and her other side:
she fastens with a sash, which can be tied in a bow or just a gently single knot for a little bit of security and to help keep all your bits and pieces together....
She is interlined with a medium weight interfacing and so Marguerite is not actually as 'flimsy' as she looks, and is fully lined with a jaunty blue floral number, there is even an inside pocket for some necesseties.....
Marguerite has a little bit of all my favourite everythings..... velvet, doilies, lace, soft fabric
and a vintage button......
Each Marguerite bag will be individual - although the basic pattern will stay the same, each bag will be completely unique. This one is the Marguerite Believe Bag....!!
At the risk of this turning into a tremendously long post, I wanted to show you some little cushions I've made for the new shop.
Oh yes, I have a new shop!! - the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the new labels - I have just opened a new shop under my own name - Tanya Palmer - and I'll be putting these first things today my little shop today.
These are two of the little cushions made for children -
a sweet little mouse -
and a happy frog
The fronts are made from felt and are really really soft and the reverse on each is in co-ordinating gingham check.
Well, I seem to have waffled on and on off to make another Marguerite bag if the four huge piles of ironing will let me past!!............


  1. I WANT!
    I WANT!!
    I WANT !!!
    NOW please, pretty please!!!!

  2. All such lovely things, wow, gorgeous post, love Posie

  3. You're bags are beautiful, I love them! and love the new shop too!:)

  4. Hi Tanya,

    I just discovered your blog and I absolutely LOVE it - eye candy galore!

    I signed up to follow you and would be delighted to welcome you into my family of Kindred Spirits at Create With Joy as well!


  5. WONDERFUL!!! woot!another shop to enjoy and lots more goodies to covet!

  6. fantastic ideas ... you put things together so beautifully. i love your vintage stash

  7. I keep coming back to look at that bag!

  8. I think I'm in love. Marguerite is heavenly. Cherrie

  9. Ahhh, thank you soooo much for all your lovely words. xx

  10. The bags are really beautiful, love the mix of fabrics.