Monday, 8 March 2010

It's a beautiful day.......

it dawned here with gorgeous clear blue skies and sunshine.....from inside and out it looked beautiful but it was deceptively cold with an easterly wind.......
On top of the moors there is still quite a lot of snow...
but if you turn around....... you can see it is gradually melting.......and Spring is saying a tentative hello to our valley....


  1. Gorgeous pics Tanya. Suns been out here for a couple of days but its been bitterly cold, especially with the wind! x

  2. ohhh moors!
    glad to see that snow a meltin' :) We had a lovely "Summer" day yesterday and now it is doom and gloom again *le sigh*

  3. Beautiful photos, that water looks so blue xx

  4. breathtaking ... and really reminds re that winter is on its way to australia. happy spring ... i love spring the best.

  5. The snow is disappearing fast now!! gorgeous photo's! have a great weekend :)xx