Thursday, 25 March 2010

Yummy bulk button buys!

The past couple of days have flown by in a whirl of re-stocking, had a huge delivery of felt and made up some beautiful rainbows in the 12" felt,
(whenever I make these up, it always occurs to me that this is the pack that if I shopped at Feltgirl instead of stocking Feltgirl, that I would buy!! Being me, I would want all the colours and in a size that would make lots and lots of things!!! )
I have also spent a very pleasant morning photographing buttons and re-stocking the shelves of my little shop with bulk buttons in the most delicious colours:buttons do absolutely make my heart sing........ these come in bulk-buy packs of 50g in weight for only £4 or $6 and you get the most exciting mix - all shapes and sizes and shades, a true lucky dip as no two bags will be the same.
but now that the shelves of my little shop are simply bursting with button goodness, I simply must get on with some MAKING!!!!
Hopefully I'll do a show and tell tomorrow. Hope the buttony pics cheered your day as much as they did mine!! xx

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  1. Le Drool! BUTTONS! Love em :) Thanks for sharing