Monday, 22 March 2010


is tending to get in the way of crafting at the moment which is a little frustrating on the creative front but hopefully this will be put right tomorrow, which I have labelled in my head 'crafting Tuesday'.
We shall see!!
In the meantime, just wanted to show you the early birthday present I have kinda bought myself!!
Isn't it divine?!!!!
I LOVE it!!
In its day (1936) this was the most expensive model ever produced and there was a waiting list!!!
And I HAVE one!!!!!
Excited? Me? Well, okay then. As my daughter would put it - "YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  1. It is lovely xx I know it is a dafy question but is it electric or treadle??

  2. I'm so envious! I was hoping to inherit my great-granny's singer but unfortunately it wasn't kept in a safe place and managed to rot away and someone chucked it, so disappointed. Enjoy!!

  3. I am certainly not a seamstress BUT THIS IS GORGEOUS and as a lover of beautiful vintage pieces I am all sorts of green right now :) Yea for early bday pressies!

  4. Annie xx TheFeltFairy it is electric - don't think I could cope with a treadle!!!
    I have been very spoiled by my Bernina so even though it's electric, it will take a lot of getting used to!

  5. I am not jealous at all Tanya, really I'm not!!!
    Do you believe me?
    p.s we haven't forgotten about Trevor and Betty....we have decided in true romantic tradition to have some dramatic on and off moments with rings (yes I mad a ring - sort of??)being thrown back etc. Promise photos neither runs smooth in human or bodkin lives! Fun, you agree?

  6. Oh wow, it is utterly gorgeous!