Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Okay - so I've re-drawn and re-cut this pattern four times, really patiently and calmly (oh yeah!!!), then I forced myself to pin it first, realised that if I'd sewn it that way, then I would have been unpicking it!! Then felt really pleased with myself for pinning first!
But finally, I pulled it the right way round (I love that moment, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!) and ta-dah!! It works!
Not only that, I'm happy with the size, the shape and the details. In fact, I've already thought of a way of adding another little detail. So what do you think?
The 'Juliet' bag.
I've trimmed with my favourite velvet, cos you need a little luxury.
It has two pockets, one outside, one inside and a nice wide-ish strap so it's comfy on your shoulder. And of course, it's vintage, end of roll fabric.
with a little bit of Anna Maria inside. Will be in my shop a little later, if you can't live without it!!!
Today, I'm off to make another one! while I'm on a roll!! In amongst collecting Son 2 from his maths exam, and watching Daughter in a cricket tournament, and buying my Dad a birthday present! Hope you can squeeze in some crafting! xx


  1. i think it looks gorgeous ... the colours you've hosen are perfect.

  2. I love your bag its wonderful, the fabrics are gorgeous xx

  3. I have to say it a again. You are a (very talented) Temptress!!!!!!

  4. so glad you discovered the error before it was too late! And the bag is bee-u-ti-ful!