Friday, 18 June 2010

Simple vintage pleasures....

One of my favourite things, as you probably know by now, is vintage fabric.
Another, is to hang out washing amongst the apple trees in the garden.
When the two coincide, it is indeed blissful.
As it was yesterday.
A beautifully sunny day, I was in heaven as I washed these beautiful vintage fabrics and hung them between the trees.
(I was also wearing a proper house cleaning pinny and some green wellies and I did indeed feel like a mixture of Barbara from the 'Good LIfe' and good old Doris (Day of course!!!))
I can't wait to work with these utterly gorgeous patterns....Later, I made two more Juliet shoulder bags - although I couldn't help renaming this one the 'I used to be a 1970's bedspread' bag!!!!
Do you like how the fringing from the bedspread is on the pocket? Must admit, this made me smile!!
This fabric reminds me so much of my childhood, although my bedspread was of the lilac variety!Then I made another in a 'faux' patchwork also from the 1970's.
I do like how the same bag looks different in the widely differing fabrics. This one still has the vintage vibe though!! They are both now on my website.

It's really cloudy and drizzly today so no washing today but hopefully plenty more making!!


  1. Love the vintage fabric - and love your blog!!! Glad I stumbled across it!!!

  2. I love the yellow and black fabric on the washing line, beautiful, and I love the fringe on your bedspread bag, it's ace!!:)x

  3. the pictures of your washing line are a real treat! xxx