Thursday, 10 June 2010

From Z.......

to Z!
It was intended to be from A to Z.... but for some reason, the Z appealed to me first!!
I am introducing a new initialed cushion -
I've appliqued it onto a pure linen background, sooo touchable - I do love linen. The reverse is a wonderful brushed cotton polka dot which is lovely and cosily soft - so this is definitely one touchy feely cushion.This little bird insisted on perching there once I'd put the letter on!I'm going to make these to order in any initial but this one will be for sale here if you know anyone with a name beginning with Z!! x
On the domestic front, the 'clean one room a day for an hour only' scheme is working out really well - I know it's only day 3 but the rooms I've done so far are lovely and clean and do feel easier to keep tidy!
I am trying really hard to simplify everything as I have so much to do and can get a bit paralysed by it all, not knowing where to start!!


  1. That's gorgeous!! I love the little birdy :)

  2. Cheeky little birdie is the icing on the cake. Looks great. What a good idea to tackle the rooms the way you are. I have been doing my household slowly for the last couple of months as my two older have moved home. Now I just have my room, piled high with sewing and linen, and that never ending pile of washing. Feels great to know all the corners are clean. Cherrie

  3. love your cushion and the colours and linen are perfect!....but I want to see more of your fab stitched art scenes!!! They are so wonderful x:)

  4. Gorgeous! Love the little birdie...