Friday, 11 June 2010

On balance.....

I found these treasures recently - when I was little, my parents had one of these, as a lot of people did. These 3 seem to like being together and so far have managed to resist being painted!
I also found these dinky little scales. The label says Harper - Made in England. Having already found some beautiful Swedish scales a little while ago, I really shouldn't have bought them.
But....... I just knew that if I left them behind, they would only play on my mind and I'd end up going back for them..... usually someone else would have bought them by then, in which case I'd want them even more!!
So, they came home with me and after a little play with the weights, I am so glad they did.
The weights go as small as half an ounce which should work really well for weighing out buttons. When the owl gets off that is.
It leaves me with a slight problem now though, and although I do love the sweet little floral scales, on balance (sorry couldn't resist!!) I really don't need two!! These also, aren't quite so good for very lightweight amounts.
So I have decided to let them go reluctantly.
I'm going to put them in my V for Violet etsy shop so that someone else can enjoy them. As a ornament, they are truly eye-catching.
It was the hall's turn on the cleaning rota today, including the front door and window above it. It's going really well, doing one room a day - has totally stopped the guilt when I'm sewing that I ought to do some housework!! and it keeps surprising me when I notice cleanliness instead of dust and grime of normal!! Even surprised my Mum yesterday - she thought the kitchen looked unusually clean and tidy!!!! Hmmmm.
Now I know some might think I'm cheating by taking the hall as a room in itself but our hall is over 30 feet long - if you remember when I painted the end wall pink! So I'm not cheating, promise!!
Hope you all have a guilt-free weekend whatever you're doing! I have a feeling there's going to be football, football, football in our house of 4 males!!!


  1. Those scales are very tempting but I have four sets already....I know but I use them all, honest Gov!
    Well done on the housework front!

  2. LOVE IT! Everything, especially the owlie and the hot pink wall. Have such a busy summer I think I might have to try this strategy of one room a day!