Monday, 21 June 2010

Perfect weather for...

pegging out the washing here in England!!
I've been inspired to make some peg bags over the weekend. But these are not just any peg-bags (or clothes pin bags!!) oh no!! These are luxury vintage peg bags!
I revisited my peg bag pattern, and revamped it, upping the luxury element - these are interfaced for thickness, and fully lined. They also have a touch of velvet or giant ric rac trimming. I just love working with vintage fabrics, each with their own particular history, giving each another new life. ... I love this 1960's geometric dot -and this funky 1970's curves with a hint of orange...
and I really like how the modern giant ric rac goes so well with the 1970's funky flower pattern.Really pleased with the quality feel that they now have, thanks to the full the lining - they feel really thick and substantial now - just perfect for putting that washing outside in a stylishly retro, ecologically friendly manner!!!


  1. I'm sure I recognize that purple flowery fabric, was it a bedding of some kind in a previous life?
    Love those peg bags, they look a lot better than my home made rather flimsy one!!

  2. these bags are lovely! I don't put washing out so we'll have to devise another reason for me to get one!

  3. Very swish peg bags. I especially like the one with circles. It's got a lovely washday feel to it. Cherrie

  4. They look wonderful!!hope your sewing in the sunshine xx

  5. Just found your lovely blog. Your bags are gorgeous, what great idea! Off to read some of your past posts and to visit your Etsy shop!
    Wishing you a lovely evening! xx

  6. I do love a peg bag. What brilliant fabrics you've used!