Thursday, 3 June 2010

Baby quilt...

It's funny, isn't it - days when the children are on holiday from school just blend into one long portion of time. I do love the late get-ups (if that is indeed a word!) and the laziness of it all, to such an extent that anything like a teenager needing a lift to work takes on the proportions of a lot of effort.
Where once it would have slotted into yet another chore to be fitted in, now it stands alone as the single thing standing between me and a lazy day at home.
The heat of days like today adds to the wonderful drifty nature of the days.
Today there was a picnic on the lawn followed by ice lollies and croquet!!! I kid you not!! Sounds frightfully posh doesn't it?! But it was a lot of fun and so lovely to see the children doing something together and getting along ( at least for twenty minutes!)
I have done a little work, not enough, never enough, but I managed to list a few things in my etsy shop, including this baby quilt which I made a while ago,
I love this quilt, love its softness, it has such a lovely feel, crisp and yet soft, if that is possible!! I also love the colours and the unexpectedness of the little pigs!!
It has been folded on my shelf because I love it dearly, but it must make room for some other loved stuff, so it must go to a baby - a baby who is in need of a beautiful pink and red soft and yet crisply new baby patchwork quilt.
and now back to making again.....but first, there is the small matter of 3 oompa-lumpa's to help Flossie make for school homework. Something that if we don't want to be making them last thing on Sunday evening, must be attended to with a matter of urgency. I fear I have put off the moment as long as I can!! x


  1. I would have loved to be given such a happy quilt when my kiddies were littlies. I am sure it will be loved by it's new Mama! Cherrie

  2. Sounds like your having a fab time! enjoy the sunshine! ... hoe you had cucumber sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer on your pic-nik!!xx