Monday, 7 June 2010

Free embroidery flowers....

I've now done 5 of the embroidered tea towels - each a different colour. They each have 5 flowers free embroidered on in black with one picked out in a colour. I've done red, orange, teal, pink, and purple. I love the simplicity of these. The tea towels are 100% linen and are so crisply beautiful.
Will be listing them on my new website very soon.
On a domestic note, I have decided on a new plan to keep on top of things!!
The aim is to do one hour's cleaning each morning and then stop!! So I figured I would do one room a day - sounds easy doesn't it?!
I need something to stop the guilt - if I don't clean then the guilt nags me all day and I can't concentrate, plus we always seem to get visitors when the house looks like a tip!
I'll let you know how it goes!! Got a good start today with the kitchen. I put radio 4 on and my best pinny and cleaned and mopped just like Doris!! (Day! of course) (only not singing that song about a 'woman's touch') I forgot about that bit!! x


  1. They are beautiful. I use Fly Lady for cleaning and it really works for me

  2. love your flowers Doris! I need to adopt your cleaning plan, sounds very good let me know how it goes!x

  3. My only tip is not to start the hour by tidying your sewing table. When I do this something catches my eye and before I know it I've made an apron and it's time for the school run! :-)

  4. I like the one hour plan. Do you always stick to one room? If I did some rooms would only get 'done' once a fortnight. Maybe I should do two hours a day....

  5. i absolutely love these! They are classic and retro and modern all together :)