Saturday, 9 January 2010

Getting organised...

Along with many others - it's that time of year!!!! - I am getting just a little bit organised.
Today, I spent ages photographing all the things that should be in my shop but aren't!! And then I put them in the shop.
The sense of achievement is hidden somewhere under the tiredness from all that computer work!!
But still, you can now find them here including some cushions I made from some gorgeous vintage fabric that my Grandma had kept, like this lovely geometric one,
and this bark cloth one - I love the soft apple green background -
I can only bring myself to part with little bits, but for now at least, I'm willing to share!!!


  1. It's such a nice sense of accomplishment ... I'm working on the same sort of things myself.

  2. WOOT! So excited for organizing! And things to make money off of! Even better!