Monday, 25 January 2010

A diversion....

Good morning everyone! I do hope you had a relaxing and productive weekend. For a change, I seem to have fitted quite a lot into one weekend - we had a lovely Burns supper yesterday with some fab friends, which was so pleasant that I still have a smile on my face (and that's not from the whiskey, wine and sloe gin I promise!) So a big thank you to Lisa for such a lovely evening.
On Saturday, in my small bit of free time, I sat down to make a bag from the lovely new cord but somehow didn't feel in a 'bag-making' mood.
I found myself still thinking about the tulips that S had bought me, and the photo that I took of them with the gorgeous bright colours....
so I made this little fabric picture -....
I have been experimenting for a while with various scraps of fabric, piecing them together, making little parts of pictures, but this is the first time I have made a picture just as a picture and not as a piece of applique to go on a cushion or a bag.
I was really pleased to find the spotty fabric for the jug - my lovely red polka dot jug is from Greengate, where if I hadn't spent all my money on yarn, I would spend a fortune on their beautiful things - go see, but don't say I didn't warn you - money will be parted with!!
The tulips are really blooming now - look at their gorgeousness, they just get better and better!
Then, still in a picture-making-mood, I decided to have a go at one that has been in my mind since our holiday in Cornwall last summer. The wonderful harbours filled with brightly painted jaunty little boats were such an inspiration...I got the photos out and had a lot of fun making this-

Well, I hope today is a good day for you......think I might tackle the bag-making today!!...


  1. Goodness Tanya, I'll say it again, you really are a clever, clever, talented lady!! Love them!!! Really, really love them!!

  2. Wow! your fabric pictures are fantastic! I love the boats and the sewn felt frames! fantastic... is there any ends to your talents?! your work just gets better and better! (despite your button addiction and Pipples.....which I know the Doctor says will pass soon!!)
    I love how you experiment and try new things it's inspirational! I had a great afternoon too!...not sure about the kids alternative drama production at the end!!
    Love your work and thank you for my lavender heart bird x

  3. Ack! You and your genius! makes me quite insane.. okay that happened before I met you, but still! You are not helping :) They are lovely, as usual; keep up the wonderful creativity.

  4. The pictures are fab - clever lady.

    Love Greengate, have two very nice tea-towels from them...

    Love Lydia

  5. Love the craftiness. How lucky to be able to sit down and complete not one, but two, beautiful pictures. Go girl!! Cherrie

  6. Beautiful pictures, I really like the tulips with the picture frame in the background.
    Bertie x