Tuesday, 19 January 2010

OH YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could skip around, I could jump up and down, I am squealing and making all sorts of giddy noises!!!!!!
And why? Are you asking? What is it that has got me all of a quiver?! To a point of such excitement?!
Well, luvvies, I'll tell you - after six months of wishing and trying so very hard, of frustrated evenings and lots of good intentions - after the purchase of seven lovely books with lovely pictures and diagrams galore..........

I HAVE LEARNED TO CROCHET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my!!!!!!

Yes, really..........me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and LOOK!!!!!!!!!! I made this!!!!!!!!!!
I actually made a Granny square!
My lovely friend Lisa bought me this book for Christmas, and it was this that started me off - I had yet another go, I have tried and failed miserably countless times in the past, but this time, something clicked!! And I found I began to understand it. I did have to have three or four goes but something was different this time, what I was making began to look like proper crocheting!!! The beautiful pattern I used was from here from the lovely and talented Lucy. Isn't it beautiful - it's called the summer garden granny square.
I am so happy, can you tell? And not only that, I think I might actually have become addicted. Because before I could stop myself, I made another, then another, and another, and another.......

And when I'm not making them, (because I have had to limit myself to only doing it in the evenings, otherwise I'd be hooking away all day long), then I'm thinking about making them, and what colours I'll use,

and when I can get to the lovely yarn shop in the local town..... and how I can justify spending some money on some more yarn when I actually have no money!!!!
Maybe we can live on beans for a week? Hmmmm...have to think about that one!

Oooohhh!! I am definitely HOoKed!!!! (sorry about that but couldn't help it!!) It's exactly the same feeling when you've got a really good book that you can't wait to pick up again. something wonderful waiting for me when I've done all the stuff I HAVE to do. And it's brilliant!!!!!! I love love LOVE it. Can you tell? xxxxxxxxxxx

Oops, I almost forgot in my excitement, my LOVE cushion has been featured in an Etsy treasury!!! Thanks to WhatIsee.
Oooooh, almost too much excitement!! And far far too many exclamations marks! But I do like to use them!! Because it tells better than anything how I feel!! Yes Indeedy!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Congratulations! It's definitely an addictive craft. well done!

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  3. Congrats on mastering it! I have just learnt crochet. All I wanted was to learn to make a granny square, nothing more, nothing less...and I learnt, but then the addiction took hold, and my plan for this year is to learn it well to make allsorts. I made a blanket for a christmas present and am on my second one now. The trouble is, that they cant be done in one evening and I am impatient! I have a million different blanket, and cushion colour combinations in my head, so will be kept busy for months to come! It's a lovely skill to learn and I am loving every minute of it! Wool has started to become an obsession! he he! Check out www.colourfulcrochet.blogspot.com. This lady makes awesome blankets and supplies a VW Camper hire with her vintage style crochet blankets. Have a great day! xxx

  4. Isn't that feeling of getting it wonderful? Well done you ... what an achievement. And I can't wait to see your rug. It loks great so far.

  5. It's a revelation isn't it? I learnt to crochet in the summer and felt the same way as you, it seemed like gobbledy gook then all of a sudden something clicked! I've been addicted to crocheting little hearts but am also making a blanket from granny squares! Love it! The craft world's gone granny mad I reckon!!!

  6. Fantastic! Well done. Although slightly concerned at the six months as I'm trying to learn myself and so far I'm useless!

    Great to see the cushion featured too.


  7. Well done! One of the things I like best about crochet is the way you can make actual pretty things almost immediately! One of my least favourite things is the price of yarn :( I've done my learning on cheap-cheap-cheap acrylic, but I'm tired of it. I would love to use Rowan DK Handknit cotton like Lucy, but it's eye-wateringly expensive in comparison to acrylic! I've just ordered some cheaper cotton yarn, so I'm hoping that will be nice! I'll let you know where I got it if it's a success!

  8. YEA for crochet! Isn't it great! And so gorgeous! I am, as usual, envious of your beautiful craftiness :)!

  9. I'm soooo envious! I keep trying and get into a terrible ratty pickle every time. Your squares are prettiness personified - your family should definitely live on beans while you hotfoot and buy more lovely yarns! Hx

  10. way hay! I'm chuffed the book has helped you in your new addictive passion!...I'm putting my order in now for cozt granny square blanket in green and purple please! I don't know how you do it! xx

  11. Congratulations! and welcome to the wonderful, colorful world of crochet -- you are going to love it here : )

  12. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.
    Yes 2catsandahusband I think I am going to love it. xx

  13. Well done! I learnt only a few months ago too & it is way too addictive & now I have to crochet everything! lol Have fun with it & looking forward to seeing what else you hook up!

  14. How exciting! I love the colours you are using. Looks like you have found yourself a new hobby! Woo hoo! x

  15. I love your granny squares well done!! I have still not got the hang of it yet xx

  16. Good for you! Your work is gorgeous! I have only attempted a scarf & some roses so far, the granny's seem too hard, but that's it - you've inspired me!

  17. Yay ! Thanks for letting us share in your excitement!

  18. Gorgeous Tanya, love the colour combinations! I can see why you're so thrilled. Title reminds me the the Herbal Essence shampoo adverts....are you THAT excited? Hehehehe!!