Friday, 8 January 2010

Hot pictures!

Morning all!
I said I would show you the results of my 'very restrained' London trip to Cath Kidston, so here goes:
one very pretty pin tin to add to my little collection. (I must tell you, it took me a while to work out how to open this one - I twisted and turned, I pulled - but you have to press it in the middle - duh!!!)
Then I couldn't resist this Union Jack pincushion - like a miniature version of my Union Jack V for Violet cushions!!
and 2 new tea towels in bright colours - cos you always need tea towels - right? Yes, extremely justifiable, thought so.Then the Cath K version of these - I am already a big fan of re-washable cleaning cloths and these are really pretty. and lastly, this beautiful bag!!! Yes, I know I could have made it myself - it did occur to me, as it often does these days, and actually if I had made it, I would have put a fastener at the top! But, I fell in love love love with the rich velvety softness of the fabulous material. And I had wanted a red bag, honestly. I love it.
Now, for those of you who left lovely comments the other day about my gorgeous eldest son, and how wonderful his present and our day out together was, there is a little footnote.
When we got back home, he cooked for us the next day - and before you say it, I know, he's wonderful!!!! He actually loves cooking and for a time wanted to be a chef!! And sometimes, he cooks our evening meals and they are great!!
This time though, he left one of my new Cath K tea towels (2 days old) hanging perilously close to the stove top flame!!!!
This is the result, luckily my hubby noticed as the flames began to leap up towards the extractor fan.
Oh well, I'll have to cut around it and use the spotty fabric for something else!!!

Oh yes, a whole load of new Pipples arrived yesterday and after cavorting in the snow, (er..them, not me) I had to bring them in to dry in front of the fire. They did look quite cute.
especially when they went to sleep - obviously exhausted!! Bless them.
Sweet dreams. xx

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  1. *dreams of snuggling pipples* I can't wait for taxes to get here! :)