Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Some sewing, and a whole lot of snow......

Along with much of the rest of the UK today, we have quite a lot of snow - I measured 8 inches on a flat bit and much deeper in the drifty bits.
It's very pretty and I love that deadening of sound that comes with snow
- everything is soooo quiet! I must admit, being the first one in the garden made me feel like a kid again, I crunched around giggling to myself.Oooh, chairs for an ice king and queen?
These ladies hadn't minded the light snow earlier in the week, but were definitely not coming out today!

I had quite a few parcels to pack up and post, including this very pretty order from a lady in Canada, which I had to take a picture of - you know what I'm like with buttons!
So, I packed up the pull-along trolley, (jazzy, I'll have you know, not an 'old-lady' one!!!) and with wellies, thick socks, gloves, hat and scarf in place, trudged the mile or so to the Post Office. Flossie came with me and was, as always, very good company, chatting away non-stop.

After the successful posting, we went to the supermarket where they had run out of bread and were getting short of milk. Dragging the trolley through the heavy snow was no fun on the way back, Floss even pulled it for a while, as she couldn't understand why I could pull and listen, but replying was not possible!!

We stopped at Grandma's for a reviving cup of tea and chocolate biscuits, then continued, getting home just before it got dark!

So, dearest customers, your parcels are on their snowy way!! How's that for dedication!!

Couldn't wait to show you these, Floss got her sewing machine out last night in a burst of enthusiasm and was a bit miffed when I told her it was too late to start at 9 o'clock!!

But, with her school closed due to snow again today, she got busy making the new warm tops her teddies had requested.
First, Sparkle the rabbit got a lovely new lilac top, which fitted like a treat.
Then Patch the dog got a super stipey top,

And then Bubbles the bear got an appliqued top (yes machine appliqued in circles or 'bubbles', on a very difficult machine!!!! I couldn't believe it).
How cool are they? I was SO proud!!
She is now busy making her other teddy Maxie a top with an appliqued M on the front.

Talking of sewing, I forgot I hadn't shown you something I made just for fun in the holidays.

I love Anna Maria Horner's fabrics and have a selection of smallish pieces, and I just love the way they look all put together - somehow they look even better, not jarring like you might imagine.
I had long intended to make a dust cover for my Bernina sewing machine, so without making a pattern, like some sensible person, I took some rough measurements and did my usual 'flying by the seat of my pants' trick (I only do this when it is just for me!!) and just went ahead and made it.
I am really pleased with how it turned out. The only thing I did wrong, was over estimate how many squares I would need, but all that means is I have some ready for another project!!
I lined it in calico to give it a bit of form and slight stiffness and trimmed it with bias binding. Umm, not bad at all.
Oh, and if you haven't had enough 'snow' pictures yet, here's one taken in the dark last night - slightly unreal, don't you think? xx


  1. I so know what you mean about the quietness of snow.....I too have a pull-along trolley, from Typhoon, black with huge white polka-dots and a red flap, not old lady like at all but I still get funny looks. It's not easy pulling it in the snow, particularly with a 5kg bag of tatties at the bottom. Don't fancy doing that again.
    Your Flossie is AMAZING, obviously inherited the sewing gene and talent from her mammy. Check out your sewing machine cover...!!

  2. lovely clothes! Your girl's a real natural! And I love the machine cozy. I bet it's having lovely dreams.

  3. I love the sewing machine cover. I was thinking of doing something similar as the nasty plastic one covering my machine at the moment doesn't even fit properly.

    I must go search my stash for suitable fabrics.

  4. love the cover fabulous fabric!!