Saturday, 23 January 2010

Some unexpected time...

I am surrounded by colour at the moment, S came home yesterday with these gorgeous tulips for me, saying 'I knew you would love these.' And I do, don't you?Oh, after all the blurry grey outside at the moment, and the bleak whiteness of the snow a little while ago, it's all a little dull dull dull outside right now.
I really think it's important to have some colour feeds something inside you.....your soul maybe? It certainly does makes my heart beat a little faster...makes me feel like doing...making....something.
I find myself this morning with a couple of hours of unexpected time for myself.
S has taken the little 2 to the theatre - he managed to get last minute tickets for Cinderella and has taken them to the morning performance (never heard of this before - not a matinee but don't know the word for it) for some lovely 'Dad-time' with them.
The teenagers are still sleeping, so I have the luxury of some time with just the radio and the kettle for company. Yay!!!!!!!!!
So, having loaded the washing machine and unloaded the dishwasher and cleared the kitchen debris........ I am trying to decide what best to do with this precious piece of time.
What I would like to do is make some more granny squares.......with my lovely new yarn.....but that feels a bit like too much of a luxury.... I should do something more.... something more useful, bigger... I bought some gorgeous cord material the other day.... I might make a bag. Hmm, yes I think I will.
I want to tell you about my 'buying fabric day' the other day since it was a bit odd, but it'll have to be another time cos if I don't get on.....they'll be back!! I'll leave you with some more colour for a happy Saturday! xxxxxxx


  1. Pretty! I was just reading a few pages at random from my Great Grandmother's diaries this afternoon. It was May 1937 and she was writing about how lovely the tulips were in the border on the north side of her house, "in every colour a tulip can be". And that the dogs had messed up the triangular flower bed so she felt justified in picking a big bunch of red tulips from that! Tulips are gorgeous, but not very well-behaved as cut flowers I find!

  2. How wonderful sparklepetal that you have your Great Grandmother's diaries! What a fantastic insight into her life then. Wish I had mine! x And isn't it lovely how some things never change. Tulips will always be beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous tulips - my favourite! Hope you enjoyed time to yourself - heavenly!

  4. Tulips are my favourite flowers, they last so well, are so elegant and their colour so vibrant& pretty. I hope you enjoyed your moments of peace and did something lovely just for you xo

  5. Your tulips are very pretty ... but what about your lovely pitcher/vase. Where did you get it?