Friday, 22 January 2010


Now I want to show you something..........something that makes my heart flutter, makes me smile, and is making me very very happy even on this completely grey, wet day......
-What is it? I hear you ask - well, let me first say, that you are absolutely definitely NOT under any circumstances allowed to tell anyone about it. No-one, especially not anyone living in this house over the age of 17. Do you understand? You know who I mean, don't you?! He is NOT allowed to know.
Not yet...anyway... at this very moment, not until I can find a way of softening it for him.
Cos he won't understand, you see..... he won't experience the same happy lift that I do, just looking at it in all it's rainbow glory, fondling it in all it's cottony goodness. You will, though, I know you will. You'll get it, just like I do. that a promise then? Great!! So now, just LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ooooooh!! Isn't that one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen?!!
Look closer.......
it is Rowan dk handknit cotton - and it's all MINE!!!!!! Look at those fabulous colours.
Yes, I have to admit it - I paid a visit to our lovely local wool shop and these scrummy balls of beautiful colours just jumped right out at me, begging me to take them away and make them into granny squares. What could I say? I had to bring them home with me.....

By the way, if you hear awful bad stories about 4 children being made to eat bread and butter for the next two weeks, don't pay any attention. It won't be true.
I can't afford butter.


  1. I thinks you made the right decision. An unhappy mummy does not make yummy food even if she has all the money in the world therefore it is actually more beneficial to your family that you bought that lovely wool. I like when you buy it mail order and the balls come wrapped in tissue ready to tear away to reveal the colours...mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!
    I'm with you Tanya and I will keep it our little secret from Hubby!

  2. Oh yummy! I was like that when I started to learn crochet, especially granny squares, as I felt I needed a ball of yarn in every colour! I too stuck mine like that in a basket and would just sit for hours looking at all the gorgeous colours and it really lifted the heart! Trouble is, I now have 4 big baskets like it and they keep on growing! hummmm, i keep getting frowns from everybody as they have to navigate their way round mega yarn baskets now in the house! Oh well, I am happy! he he! Have a great weekend! xxx

  3. Gorgeous Colors ! ! ! I totally understand why you had to take them home with you : ) They will bring you much joy as you make your granny squares -- and you will have a memorable story to tell years from now about eating bread (with no butter)because you spent the grocery money on yarn. Almost 30 years ago I bought a drop-leaf table from a garage sale while on my way to buy groceries -- I still have the table and nobody remembers that we ate mostly sandwiches that week : )

  4. YES! ITS all stunningly gorgeous! Espically in that basket like that. Mmmm Bread

  5. Beautiful! I can just imagine the gorgeuos work that will result. We have to make these little sacrifices every now & then - it's like a mental health investment!

  6. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. ;)
    Colours that gorgeous just couldn't stay at shop all by themselves!

  7. WOOT!!! Love it! Hide the basket of course and probably not in the diminishing food pantry, but who cares those gorgeous soft colors could sustain your family for weeks!

  8. The perfect solution to brighten up these grey days! looking forward to snowdrops and daffodils and no more ice. Thanks for your lovely welcome. All a bit mad and scary!! gx