Thursday, 14 January 2010

Messing about...

I've been knitting. Hmmmm, wonder who these could be for?I've been practising writing with my sewing machine...
and I made a picture that's been in my head for a while.
Umm, lot of love going on here!!!!!!! xx


  1. I love the last pic - looks great!

  2. Very fun! That lovely tree looks a bit like one I have for my universe drawing I've made and is fast becoming my signature ;) Love it! and the scarves are for a giant's fingers right? No, wait, little kittens ;p can't wait to see the new cozy batch of pipples!

  3. See, you call it messing about but you've been your usual very talented self and made lovely things. Are they gifts for Hubby? Lucky man if they are.

  4. They're lovely I love the bark on the tree, it looks very effective x