Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Things that are making me smile.....

Well, dear readers, (if indeed you exist beyond the one or two lovely people who leave a comment now and then..and a very grateful thank you for that - nice to know I'm not alone).....Er....sorry.....where was I?
Ah yes, well...... today I battled with the shovel and dug out the car which had been buried blissfully for two weeks, found enough gloves, hats deemed cool enough to be actually worn, scarves, wellies, shoes, extra socks, and coats for all 4 kids, then avoided the mad drivers who hurtled along towards us where there was really only room for one car at a time.
I dropped the big boys at their school, then parked in a very icy car park to walk Floss up to her school (horrid steep hill with even madder drivers).
She, like her mother, has a awful fear of being late, so we walked a little quicker than her mother would have liked. Still it was good for the old heart!!
Then, alone, I recovered the car, only to be stuck behind a large van sliding backwards towards me when it couldn't get a grip! Eventually, we both did. Get a grip that is, and I arrived back home, never more pleased to be back and kind of threw the car back into the snow edged space waiting for it.
At half past two, it all happens again, but in reverse. Until then, I have four and a bit hours, which after a bit of a tidy, have already shrunk to three hours. What is it with child-free time - is it on a different time scale, why does it always fly by?
As I pottered about this morning, enjoying the peace of our house after a snow-extended Christmas holiday where the children have had an extra 6 days, I took some photos of some of the things that made me smile.
Since it's cold, we'll start outside and be quick about it....look, we had a bit of an icicle sculpture going on near our front door....
I particularly liked this weird ice plant....and the light fit for an ice palace.There, now quick let's get inside - that's better, oh yes, despite loving the beautiful peace and quiet, I did feel a bit sad when I saw the place where Floss has hung out a lot recently, her cushion now empty. (For those of you new to the blog, Floss is my daughter, not our cat. Just thought it could have been misconstrued!)
Made to miss her even more when I downloaded the photos for this post and found one she'd taken of her teddy, Maxie, and the lovely sweater she made him. How sweet is that!!!

For those of you wondering, yes, I do miss my boys too - but being boys, they don't talk much, they emerge for food, but they go off into their fab imaginary worlds and I don't see much of them really. (They are happy though, I've checked.)
But Floss, being the only girl, and the youngest, spends a lot of time near me, reading, playing, but she likes to be around. And I like it too. I know it won't last.

As I unloaded the dishwasher, just thought how pretty my vintage plates looked all together.
And it was very satisfying tidying the kitchen knowing it won't be messed up for at least four hours!!
This brilliant poster was from here and was a present to me from me for Christmas. Well sometimes, you have to, don't you? And I love it.As part of having 12 people for Christmas dinner, we had a bit of a switch around in the kitchen, the units above were in the middle of the room, and now the table is. I also got a bit tired of getting splinters from the old top, so gave it a new one.
We all liked the table in the middle, so that has stayed. I also really liked the mini bunting I made last Christmas, and since its not really Christmassy, I decided to keep it.
Let's hope so, eh? xx


  1. Love all the photos but especially the icicles ones, we had some massive ones hanging above the kitchen window but needless to say by the time I remembered to photograph them they didn't look quite so impressive!


  2. Lovely post and pics! I am braving the car for the school run this afternoon, don't think my 3 yr old can do another mammoth school walk! Have a lovely day! xxx

  3. Oh my... it looks cold!
    Can't imagine driving in such icy conditions - sounds horrific.

  4. Those icicles are gorgeous! We don't ever seem to have the right weather conditions down here to get icicles. Maybe that's something to be grateful for! But they sure are pretty. Your kitchen is so lovely, I really like the drawer unit. That Kill The TV poster made me smile too! Although in my case it would have to be Kill The Laptop in order to get me to do more of those things. Oh, and not have a small person trying to nap. Keep forgetting there is a real valid reason for *some* of my laziness!

  5. Tanya, I so enjoyed that. Isn't ice mental! So loved your kitchen, always the best room in a house. I'm with you with the kiddie thing. On the one hand the school day rushes past but on the other it's very quiet.
    We are having the Great Thaw and the snow looks awful now, I'd quite like it to go away but I wouldn't say no to some fresh flakes. Hope homeward school run goes ok.

  6. ice is fun in pictures :) plant is gorgeous. Love the poster! What fun you've had. Isn't it lovely to miss children, though? I mean I wouldn't be appreciated near enough if I didn't disappear into my own hermity self 6 months out of the year ;p Hope everything keeps you smiling and i LOVE the poster! What a wonderful goal poster!

  7. I'm loving your things. I'm especially coveting the Kitchenaid mixer as I've been sending vibes to Santa for one of those for a wee while now. Hmmm....
    Is it lovely, does it make you feel a bit like Nigella???
    Also love that print, it says it all doesn't it?!

  8. I love you move around in the kitchen, looks great, and your poster is fab! very you! I can't believe you have the 'Happily ever after' sign in your kitchen! I 'favourited' it on Ebay to buy with my Christmas monies!!

    Floss will always be there, my Gran told me a saying ( mother of 1 boy, 1 girl ) "You've got a son till he's got a wife but a daughter is a friend for life!" so there you go!

    stay safe on these crazy icy roads and avoid the mad people in thier 4x4's who think now there's snow on the ground they have a license to speed around regardless! xxx

  9. Wow, that looks so cold! Great pictures. We have had the opposite here in Australia. Hot hot hot with bushfires. It is always kinda sad when the kids go back to school. Ours still have another 2 weeks. We're off to spend a small fortune on school books today. (After we go for a swim!)

  10. All of these things made me smile too ...well except the sliding van.
    Your plates and kitchen and ice sculptures are beautiful!