Monday, 2 November 2009

Just for pleasure....

I had decided to do no sewing on Sunday this week - having done a lot last week, my house had been overtaken by the all-powerful mountain of ironing, the bulging wash basket which was spilling onto the bathroom floor and dirt and untidiness were EVERYWHERE!!!!
Hmmm, doesn't it sound great? Come round for a coffee anyone?!!
So, Sunday was for reclaiming the house. I made an early start and, as always happens, once things started to look and feel a little more organised, I made a few trips into the sewing room things up......and the fabric and my trusty Bernina were just calling...
After lunch, to the sounds of the Grand Prix in the background where ALL the boys were glued to the tv, I thought I might just make a little something......
Something I have been thinking about making for a while now. A make-up bag with a curved top to make it easy to get things out and a flat bottom so everything doesn't roll to the middle!
Since there was no pressure and this was just for fun, it all went oddly smoothly!
I chose contrasting fabrics for lining and outer fabric and some yummy jumbo ric rac to trim it.
I am really pleased with the results and think I'm going to make some for the shop.
It really reminded me how wonderful it is to sew without a deadline or the need to make six more!!! And I do LOVE sewing!!
p.s. I was thinking about doing a 'how-to' sew a zip in to make a little pouch maybe - if anyone thinks that would be a useful thing? x


  1. Ooohhh Tanya, it's very pretty. I would love a 'how-to' on zips or anything you would like to share. My sewing attitude has always been in the 'give-it-a-go' ilk with varying results and would love tips etc from an experienced lady like yourself.

    p.s I did that re-claiming the house thing on Thurday ALL DAY, maybe that's what made me ill!

    Ali X

  2. What a gorgeous little bag! I'm glad to hear *some* housework got done too :-)

    Tutorials are always nice if you have time! I have bookmarked a zip bag that I keep planning to make, but the method it uses for the zip is a bit of a cheat really, yours looks so neat and professional it would be great if you could share how you do it.

  3. What a pretty and sweet little bag, well done! I especially like the ric rac xo

  4. I love the contrast of the lining you are're just showing off now!!!x