Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Place and Yours - my secret weapon.....

is easy!!!
I have to admit that I am a tea-aholic! My working, creative day is fuelled by a zillion cups of tea.
Well, actually, that should read mugs of tea, from my early morning cuppa courtesy of Emma Bridgewater (obviously the mug, not the actual tea - Emma Bridgewater does not make my morning tea!)
to my latest favourite from Cath Kidston, bought in St Ives this summer:

to the beautiful Susie Watson mug bought by my gorgeous eldest son last Christmas as a surprise. (He knew I yearned for it and saved up for it himself over a few weeks!!)
Then there is the one from the big tomato company that I have absolutely no idea why my husband keeps making my tea in!!
And finally, my all-time favourite of the moment, again from good old Emma Bridgewater, which incidentally has become a favourite with S too, so much so that there is often a 'race'to use it first!
On and off, all through the day, when in any doubt, I put the kettle on. It has helped me through mental blocks in creativity, calming too much excitement over button deliveries, and sustained me through into-the-night sewing marathons! My friend and constant companion, my secret weapon - tea! x

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  1. What a beautiful collection of mugs. They are the perfect packaging for your secret weapon.

  2. So many mugs! I use the same one all the time. It holds just the right amount. Nothing like a cuppa to keep you going!

  3. yay for tea! Where would we be without it! I have to drink rooibos (redbush) as I spin out on too much caffeine, but the warm, soothing cuppa is always a great elixer!

  4. Ahhhhh there is nothing like the glorious relaxing simplicity of a large cup of Earl Grey to take the cares away. :)

  5. tea is terrific! good weapon choice indeed. I too have a favourite mug, tea just doesn't taste the same without it!
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. cherry blossoms are lovely aren't they? they remind me of my birthday too, which makes them extra nice for me!

  6. Wowee! I have never heard of Emma before - I must be living under a rock! Amazingly cute ceramics! I am a mug-junkie too - so I can relate to these weapons, big time! I'm so pleased you played! xx