Friday, 13 November 2009

Winter shoulder bag.....

Well, working patternless is remarkably free-ing!!
This is how the bag turned out -
It is darker than this - a rare bit of morning sunshine has bleached it in the photo! And what you can't get from the photo is how wonderfully touchable the fabric is! It is pure new wool and so strokably warm and soft. I'm pleased at how the velvet piping turned out, cos it was so tricksy to sew being fairly narrow to turn into piping!
The plastic orange 'things' look just how I thought they would and I think add a bit of zing to the darkness. I am in love with the Anna Maria Horner fabric too - it adds such warmth to a winter bag.
There are various technical bits - I added a magnetic fastening courtesy of the wonderful Lisa at U handbag, I also added a zipped and lined pocket, and a keyring clip so I won't scrabble at the bottom for keys like I usually do!
So there it is - not without it's difficulties though - because I ended up finishing it late at night, some part of my brain had already gone to sleep and instead of interfacing for strength, I reached bizarrely for the fusible web!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't actually realise this until the bag was finished and it kept making this kind of crinkly sound!!! Couldn't work out why - I told you it was late! So, I had to open the lining again and rip out the paper backing! Duh!!!
I sewed it back up and must have left a tiny bit of paper in my rush to try the bag on - but that's the difference between making something for myself and something to sell, I would have been a total perfectionist if it hadn't been just for my use!!
As it is, a slight little crinkly noise, every now and then, will hopefully remind me to go to bed earlier and not get carried away sewing!! x
(slightly wonky angle courtesy of Flossie who had just about recovered from nasty virus tho' not enough to hold camera straight! Or maybe it's artistic?!)


  1. Ooooh Tanya, it's very nice! You clever, clever lady!!

  2. It is Gorgeous, you were right about the vibrant orange as a contrasts.

    Uhandbag does have the best tutorials doesn't it.

  3. It's gorgeous! I'm definitely more inspired to get a pedal for my second hand sewing machine... so I can re-learn!

  4. Your bag has turned out really nice Tanya, I am sure that IS a very artistic shot of it too! Nice to have a helper!