Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What's Hot and what's Not.....

Is it me, or are the weeks on fast forward at the moment? I'm joining in with Loobylu again this week.


The Pipples are Here!

Very exciting news! The Pipples are here, with their own blog and a little shop on Etsy.
I've had such fun with these! Soon they will be joined by the Flugs and goodness knows what else will find it's way out of the woods to join us!

Craft fairs
Busy busy busy - lots of fairs and markets in the next couple of weeks. I am happy about that but also a little concerned that looking after the Pipples has put back my making of bags, cushions and doorstops!!! Ooops!

Silly Rude Vegetables
A very silly rude potato made its way out of the bag today. It was sooo rude that we couldn't cook it but just had to take a photo instead. There was much sniggering and some debate but I think it's definitely a bottom! Classic!

Glorious Felt Rainbows

Even though I pack and sell felt every day, it's been a while since I sewed with it. It was just so lovely to cut and sew some rainbows for my pencil rolls this week. I do love the vibrancy of the colours and the feel of it, so soft....so strokable....so....ahem! Okay, back with it now!

Caterpillar Birthday Cakes for Big Boys

Now, it's not that I can't make cakes, honestly, cakes are my favourite thing to bake, but the birthday boy this week wanted this caterpillar cake for 'old times sake'! I told him it's probably the last time he'll have it. "No way," said he, "I'm having one next year too!"

Rainy Days and Windy Days
Now, I'm a big fan of our British weather, I love it! I don't usually moan about the weather, really. I do like a lovely bit of rain, with my cagoule and my wellies on, but this is getting a bit monotonous just lately. Just a little tired of the wind too, I'm afraid. My hair is sporting that 'OMG what happened to you? look lately just a little TOO often.

Even the Pipples are getting fed up.
Late Nights with Teenagers
I can't keep up. With a 17 and a 15 year old eating toast at ten o'clock at night and not feeling tired (until the morning!!!!), going to bed like a grown-up AFTER the children is becoming difficult. I am actually tired enough to go at 9 - I have got to get a grip on this situation, reassert my authority, either that or teach them how to lock up!

My Total Lack of Self control
Not hot is my total lack of ability to have a few of these and then PUT THE PACKET AWAY! Hmmm, well, it seems silly when there's only a couple left now..........xx

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  1. Teach them how to lock up! And remind yourself of the hell years when you wanted to sleep in and they didn't.... :) xx

  2. Ah glad your feeling better, we missed you, looks like you've been busy though, love the Pipples! xx

  3. I love love love the birthday cake!

  4. Ooo! If you start writing again, do tell us!

    Hehe. My vote's for a bottom, too. :)

    Also I love the reckless abandon with which your boy embraces his inner child.

  5. Your Pipples are funny! I do like the looks of that rain! I am hoping for a nice rainy day like that!

  6. Crumbs, you should try being here in Wellington in November - enough wind coming straight from the South Pole to give me a 'fro between the car and my friend's house
    nice spud, by the way ...