Thursday, 19 November 2009

My creative space....

this week is completely full of Flossie's curtains!!!!
This is a job I have put off and put off! The absolutely gorgeous fuschia hot pinky red silk curtains were unlined and were hanging nicely at her window thank you very much, but every time I went in they shouted at me! Honestly they did.
Line me, line me!! they yelled. Every last bit of light came through and what's more the sumptuous colour got a bit diluted too.
Now I had some plain calico curtains which were no longer needed but were exactly the same size so I have finally got the ladder out and taken these ones down to attach the plain ones as lining. One of the reasons I put it off it that these curtains are 11 feet long! The windows are Victorian and very high.
I have finished one and it looks soooo much better! It looks and feels rich and warm and heavy. And of course, the colour is there in all its richness. What's more, they've stopped shouting at me!!! xx
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  1. What a lovely colour. Good idea to line them. I bet they will look great on a Vicorian window!

  2. Delicious color! One more reason to get a bloody sewing machine.. Curtains mmmmmm!

  3. Ohh I have a something like this .. but not 11 feet .... job, on my to do list also! The colour is lovely!

  4. I can relate. I've been making the blinds for the kids' rooms & I just keep putting it off & putting it off. I find it soooo boring. Three cheers for you for finishing!

    PS: The felt arrived this week. It's amazing...thank you.

  5. They are stunning! I always dreamed of having gorgeous lush drapes like this, when it came time to decorate I settled for dull taupe!

  6. Wow is that a gorgeous color! But I can see why you balked at lining them. I have a pair of curtains that are just awaiting a curtain rod - and I can't even seem to get that up.
    Love your blog.