Tuesday, 3 November 2009

In search of colour.......

As you can see - it is a very grey day here - the weather is playing games today and keeps doing that huge instant downpour for the five minutes that you need to walk from the supermarket to the car and from the car to the house to unload all your groceries.
It stops in between as if someone has turned the tap off. I think someone is having a laugh.
It is so grey that today the colour will have to come from inside the house. Hmmm... well, I enjoyed making the make-up bag so much that I made another! I love this retro 50s inspired fabric. For this one, I chose a polka dot lining which makes me smile every time I open it!
Now, I really want to make another!!!

We don't normally do very well with plants in our house. They either get over-watered or no-one bothers at all thinking someone else has done it and they wither quite quickly. Not so this beautiful orchid. This lovely lovely plant has flowered for many weeks and is so pretty in its paleness. I just love it.

I also love what was is the packet the postman delivered yesterday. Just look at these gorgeous velvet ribbons. What colours!! Just look!! I cannot wait to use them!

Well, the day is already half gone with hardly anything done, thanks to a trip to the orthodontist with youngest son so that he can be put 'in the system and onto the waiting list'. (which incidentally, is 2 years!!!! 2 years!!!!!) and a trip to the supermarket in the aforementioned downpour!
Must dash now and try and fit in just a little sewing before school pick-up time beckons again! x


  1. I often wonder if rain clouds are really like cartoon ones that only hang over your little geographical space but no I fear all of the UK is grey and rainy today.......and talking of orthodontists...I, stupidly, as a full grown women allowed this to happen to me, am allowing this to happen to me, but wanted to share the story of when I went to my first appointment and my eldest made the joke that I was going to see the dentist who writes books, the author-dentist. He was so tickled with himself for that one!
    p.s Am loving the pouches, so colourful and cheery on this dreich day!!

    Ali X

  2. love the colours , they love wonderful!

  3. ...I mean look wonderful!...it's late...and I'm tired...!

  4. The makeup bag is beautiful - Love the colours you have picked. Good job on the orchid they are tricky ones.