Wednesday, 18 November 2009

What's Hot and what's Not.....

I'm joining in with the lovely Loobylu again and what is HOT this Wednesday?

HOT is:

An assistant
I have a new assistant. She might only be 9 years old but boy, is she good! She has memorised my 70 colours of felt for Feltgirl by name, knows where they go and can wrap with tissue and coloured tape like you wouldn't believe. She has also insisted on 're-arranging' the felt shelves and they look beautiful -

She has also nagged me about the pile of paperwork that needs filing until I've done it! (and yes, before you ask, she is getting pocket money for it!!!!)

New things taking off.
There's nothing like making something for the first time and really liking it but not being sure anyone else will - then someone comes by the stall, and buys it! This happened with the make-up bags this week - I made them a couple of weeks ago and I really like them, love choosing the colours and the achievement of putting in the curved zip! And this week I have sold 3 of them. I have a couple left if anyone is interested here.


My lovely eldest turns 17!!! this week. I can't believe it and whilst in some ways the years have just flown by, I can still remember that feeling of bringing him home from the hospital and being so blown away by the fact that they actually let us keep him, and that we actually had a baby! I remembering staring at him sleeping for ages, taking in his little face, just watching him, hardly believing he was real.

Almost done digging.
Believe it or not, I am putting the diggers under hot this week, as they are almost done digging! It is raining a lot here and where they were digging has turned into a swamp, but it is nearly back to the level of the rest and the huge yellow digger has gone. They've just got to lay some grass, and put back our fence. I shall be so glad when they've gone completely.


Finance rules
Why is it that when you've done quite well on a market stall, or at a craft fair and you're feeling quite good about things, thinking well, the kids can have some Christmas pressies after all, that a huge bill for something turns up within hours of you having the extra money?
It happens so often in our house that I think there must be a technical term for it. (Apart from sod's law, I mean!)
I had a little extra cash this week and first my eldest reminds me the French exchange trip he is going on needs paying by December, then my youngest son comes up with a letter about another school trip, then the garage decides it wants paying for the work on our car and my little bit of extra cash has gone, and gone 10 times!

An avalanche of Ironing

I thought I had this figured out. In a house with six of us, it does pile up very very quickly, but little and often was the way I had decided to go. Then I had a busy week last week, didn't do any and lo and behold, the mountain is building. It is threatening to fill the whole house. We will all be found in a couple of days, buried under an avalanche of ironing.... xx


  1. Our mountain of clean laundry and ironing is slowly taking over our bedroom again. We were so good for a while... but it is seriously one of the most boring of tasks. Glad the diggers are almost gone! xx

  2. I think your make up bags look terrific! If I came by your stall I would buy one too! Great job!

  3. To loathe ironing must be a universal thing. I feel better knowing it's not just me who lives with an ever growing mountain.......

    I'm so glad your make-up bags are selling so well, you deserve it for sharing your talent.

    Happy Birthday to your eldest!!

    Ali XX

  4. Hi Tanya, extra money being swallowed by priorities is really the pits! Chele x

  5. The buttons arrived today! Thankyou so much - I love them and can't wait to make something.

  6. Oh happy birthday eldest! I remember those feelings of bringing home Lil too and not quite believing she was ours ! glad the diggers are going, I think it's time your assistant took on a few ironing duties for extra pocket monies!!!

  7. Ugh! I am so sorry! Bill are the root of all evil. But congrats on making it to 17 years! WOW!
    And for having a lovely child who likes to organize!

  8. My little assistant nags me like crazy, too. Mostly about the pile of his toys that need gluing back together ...

  9. What a great job your assistant has done with the felt! I really miss not having little helping hands around now that my assistants have all grown up (they still nag though - just not so ready to lend a hand anymore!) :-)