Tuesday, 3 November 2009

What's Hot and what's Not.....

Joining in again with Loobylu.

So, what's HOT this week?

I have really enjoyed making some new things this week. I tend to go through phases of having 'favourite' things to make and this week it is definitely the turn of the make-up bag.

'Citrussy' colours
There have been a lot of oranges and lemons in the house this week as the 'flu' has wreaked its havoc. With their sunshiney bright colours, they have really brightened my day.

I even felt inspired to make some citrussy button charm bracelets. Ummm, yummy lemons, limes and oranges...

Simple pleasures
A little while ago, Flossie and I had a trip to Ikea and came away (along with several other essential things) with a set of fantastically useful boxes. They weren't very pretty though. So when we got home, we each decorated our box with wrapping paper. This one is Flossie's, well-used now but still lovely,

I must say it lifts my spirits each and every time I use the drawers. Such a little thing but I think it's all the small things that make you smile or make you feel happy that add up to one big happiness, don't you?

A little bit of Comfort
With 3 ill children this week, the comfy blanket has been in full-time use this week!!
Unfortunately, I did not make this beautiful blanket, it is even better is real-life - so soft and heavy in its crocheted yumminess. It has been left downstairs, no longer needed for sick children laying miserably on the sofa. But having made its way to the living room, it looks very pretty thrown across the sofa.
I walked past it this morning and almost tidied it away but no, I think we all need a little comfort with this wet and wild weather we're having. We need a little snuggling under the blanket with the fire roaring away and a cup of tea within easy reach!

And what's NOT so hot this week?

He who shall be nameless forgetting to put the bins out this week. Which means they weren't collected. Which means either a horrid smelly trip to the tip trying not to burst any bags in the car, or it means trying not to create too much rubbish in the next 2 weeks - in a household with 2 adults, 4 children, 2 guinea pigs, 1 hamster, countless fish and 4 hens.
Not that the last few of those create much 'mess' but can you tell I am a bit p**d off with this 'forgetting' to do his 1 job in the house? Wonder if I could get away with 'forgetting' to cook/clean/iron? Okay, okay I've stopped now!!

Indoor drying
Now I love Autumn weather, I am a real windy, wet, wild kind of girl but not where it relates to the laundry. I am getting just a little bit fed-up with having the washing hanging around quite frankly. Bring back the mild sunny days so I can peg out in the fresh air!

Diggers and destruction
There are men in yellow jackets in the field next to us. They have a huge yellow digger and have turned the lovely field into a muddy mess.
They are from the council and they're putting in a new sewage pipe. In a few days they will take down our fence and come through into our garden. Flossie's swing will be ripped out and part of our lawn dug up to complete the pipe.
When they came and talked about it, I thought fine, that's okay. But now they are close by with that awful digger, it doesn't feel very nice at all. I am in fact dreading it. Our garden is like a little oasis, with its apple trees and its quirky bumpy lawn and paths which go nowhere.
AND the beautiful, gorgeous rhodedendrums in the field have been completely destroyed. They were HUGE and had stunning flower displays and now they're gone.

Well, it could be time for a nice cup of tea and a bit of a snuggle under the comfy blanket! x


  1. Your post is so beautiful and colourful today! The button charms are lovely. I have experience the forgotten bin problemo too.. and it really is the pits. thanks for playing again! xx

  2. I made button bracelets this week too! Definately "Hot"!!

  3. I love the curve on the top of that little bag, it's just perfect!

  4. That comfy blanket is lovely, leave it out, it looks really pretty there.
    I love your bracelets too.

  5. Citrussy button charms are certainly hot, do they come with extra vitamin C ?

  6. I love those button charms, and your little drawers are just beautiful!

  7. I love how you decorated the Ikea storage boxes with wrapping paper. They look so bright and cheerful!

    x Lauren

  8. I love that spring flower wrap on your drawers!( ooo-er that didn't sound too good, you know what I mean!!) we need to sort a pre- Christmas meeting to discuss how to punish the nameless one!x

  9. love orange and green. those are my kitchen colors. I am thinking you might have to have an Arthur moment with those diggers (hitchhiker's guide).

  10. Tanya, crzylady's 'Arthur moment'idea would be a fab thing to do for your blog. It would be great to see you laying there in your jimjams stopping the dig! Haha!! Considering the loss of those rhodedendrums, it may be necessary!
    Don't forget you towel!
    Your blog as always brought colour to the day!

    Ali X