Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What's Hot and what's Not.....

Goodness, can't believe another week has gone by and it's that time already! Well, here goes:-


Crafting headway
I have made a bit of crafting headway this week - I have a shopping evening at a fashion show tomorrow evening and the usual market on Saturday where people are starting to do Christmas shopping so I do need to get my stock levels up!
So, I've made a few new cafetiere cosies in some new colours, a sweet green floral, a 'shaker' style ticking, and (my personal favourite) some lovely dark chocolate with pale pink polka dots:
I have made 2 of each so will be putting them in the shop as well as having one of each new colour for the shopping evening!

I've also made some new felt lavender hearts and the smell in my little sewing room was just gorgeous while I was making them. So calming!

BBC Radio 4
What would I do without this?! It is my constant companion throughout my day, I particularly love the afternoon play, the book of the week and the Woman's Hour drama. At the moment this is Charles Dickens' 'Our Mutual Friend' which is one I haven't read and which is SO atmospheric to listen to whilst I sew.
2 helpful men
I am lucky enough to have a Dad and a hubby who are used to my strange requests and when I found out that my Dad was planning a visit to Ikea a couple of days ago, I knew he wouldn't mind picking me up some more glass jars for my buttons - yes I know those of you who saw my button photo would probably have thought that is definitely enough buttons in jars! Well, you see, once I'd started sorting and tidying, I just wanted to finish it once and for all, and I needed some more jars...

So my Dad kindly bought some home. Then, well, who was to go to Ikea the very next day without any warning, but hubby! and I only needed a few more to be absolutely finished!!!
If you are entirely fed up with looking at buttons in jars (are you mad?!) then please look away and scroll down now, but for those who want to see the entirely finished set of shelves - ta-dah!!!

oops, couldn't fit them all in one photo - but there are 2 more shelves under the bottom one of the above photo, and these beauties are on the very bottom shelf! All these buttons are for sale in my shop and my etsy shop, cos I do like to share!

Okay, no more button photos for ages now! (promise.)


Lost things
Our house at the moment seems to be swallowing things.
1 mobile phone, 1 ds charger, some maths homework, our vid
eo camera, another ds charger, a mobile phone charger, a metre ruler (how?!) are among the things that have gone missing.
Sometimes, these things do turn up but more often then not we spend precious time running around looking for them. Usually just at the actual moment that they are needed. Never the night before, in good time........

Digger invasion
After my post last week, things have moved on......part of our fence has been taken down,

the blackberry bush in the field has been flattened and ripped out, and a fence has been erected in part of our garden.

They've even put up a sign up for us, in case we were to take a stroll around the garden during the works!

It is quite horrifying to look out of our kitchen window and see all this within 20 feet!

Time flying
Is it just me, or is time going much quicker than it used to? It sometimes feels as if my life is in fast forward mode. Where did the last week, month, year go? How did my children get so big, so quickly? Why can't I remember each and every last minute?
Is it because we have so much to think about/do in our lives? I'm sure I remember days and weeks of monotonous boredom when I was younger, nothing much happened, days were the same and lasted for ages....... that doesn't seem to happen now, there are lists of things to do/make/buy - everything is rushing by! and I don't like it!!!!!

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  1. Great minds think alike...hey and we are great minds! time is going at a silly rate at the mo I know just what you mean! I love your cafetiere covers and the beautiful hearts ( I'm planning a trip to your stall, we just seem to have so many kiddie party's on a weekend!...but I'll be there soon!) Those diggers look horrendous! hope they leave soon, and I think you need to book yourself into BA ( buttonaholics anon ) We'll have to meet up soon Lisax

  2. What's not hot is how indecisive I am being about which button charm bracelet to buy for my friend's Christmas and you talented people making it difficult for us mere mortals by having so many to choose from. I just cannae decide.......
    (Imagine Homer Simpson type drooling) Buttons!!!!
    Ali X

  3. that is the lovliest radio i've ever seen! an afternoon sewing and listening to radio plays and books sounds blissful. love your sewing and fabrics too, hope you did well at the markets.

  4. I want to swim in your buttons

  5. Oh my goodness... I can't even imagine how horrible it must be to have those diggers tearing everything up ... I hope it is over and done with soon so that things can start a-fresh in the spring. xx